Real Estate Articles & FAQs

Boundaries FAQ
Answers to your frequently asked questions about property lines.
Deeds FAQ
They're not just for playing Monopoly — answers to frequently asked questions about deeds.
Fences FAQ
Do good fences really make good neighbors? These frequently asked questions may help you decide.
Finding and Renting Space for Your Business FAQ
Answers to commonly asked questions about choosing and registering a successful business name.
Homeowners' Associations and CC&Rs
When you buy a house in a new subdivision or planned unit development, you may be subject to a host of rules and regulations.
Homeowner's Insurance
Get the basics on homeowner's insurance and the importance of doing a home inventory.
House Inspections Before a Sale
Before you finalize your house purchase, be sure the house is in good condition. Here are the first steps to take.
Mortgage Basics FAQ
Get an overview of types of loans and terms and tips on how to afford a mortgage and down payment.
Negotiating the Best Commercial Lease Terms
Negotiating a good lease can save you money. Learn where landlords are willing to make concessions.
New Houses
How to avoid pitfalls when buying a new house.
Noise FAQ
Answers to your questions about noisy neighbors.
Pick a Legal Location and Avoid Zoning Trouble
Be sure your chosen location allows your type of business.
Qualifying for a Home Loan
Accurately determine how much house you can afford, and learn why a good credit score and loan preapproval are critical.
Real Estate Offers and Contracts FAQ
Answers to common questions about making offers to buy a home, including strategies in competitive housing markets.
Required Disclosures When Selling Real Estate
What you need to tell potential home buyers about your property.
Rural Neighbors and the Right to Farm
Before you build your dream house in the country, thoroughly investigate the surroundings.
Tax Breaks for Selling Your Home: Read the Fine Print
If you sell your home, you may exclude up to $250,000 of your capital gain from tax — or up to $500,000 for married couples.
Trees FAQ
Frequently asked questions to help you deal with troublesome trees.
Understanding Commercial Leases
Before you rent space for your business, be sure you understand these basic facts about commercial leases.
Views FAQ
You may not be able to protect your view. These frequently asked questions explain the law.
Water Damage
Feeling a little wet behind the ears? Here's what you should know about water damage, your neighbors and the law.
Working With a Real Estate Agent
How to get the most from a real estate agent when you buy a house.
Your Home as a Tax Shelter
Your home shelters you from the elements, but it is also a valuable tax shelter.
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