Personal Injury / Negligence

Law Office of Anthony J. Maiocchi, PLLC is a New York metropolitan law firm that represents clients in personal injury and negligence litigation.  These cases usually involve injuries caused by another person's carelessness or misconduct.

Law Office of Anthony J. Maiocchi works with victims and their families to obtain restitution in the form of compensatory and possible punitive damages in the following areas of personal injury:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents,
  • Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents,
  • Use of Defective or Dangerous Products,
  • Injuries to Minors and Children,
  • Dog Bites,
  • Work-Related Injuries, and
  • Wrongful Death.

Our law firm has achieved positive outcomes in personal injury cases by settlement outside the courtroom or by trial when necessary. Our experienced staff is well-qualified to negotiate on your behalf, and to argue your case before a jury. If the court decides in your favor, it may require the person or business found liable to pay compensatory damages to restore you to the same position you were in prior to sustaining your injury. In certain situations, the court may also award punitive damages in addition to the amount of provable damages as a form of punishment and to deter others harming others in a similar manner in the future.

In many cases, our clients have suffered severe and life altering injuries.  As they pursue medical treatment for their injuries, we seek to alleviate the financial pressure they may feel from mounting hospital bills and lost wages.  We are skilled in negotiating with insurance carriers and other involved parties to determine the best options available to them and to make certain that their case is handled quickly and appropriately. Our goal is to provide the most favorable settlement possible while minimizing stress to the injured party and family members. Remember, we collect no fee unless we win money for you.

If you need assistance with a Personal Injury or Negligence matter, please contact us online or call us at (914) 347-2300.

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All personal injury matters are handled through our Brooklyn office and our staff is always ready to go to you if you are unable to travel to us.

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