Our firm represents clients in the New York metropolitan area in a variety of civil lawsuits and related litigation activities which include breach of contract, business and corporate matters and more specialized matters involving probate, estates and real estate.

Our litigation attorneys have both the courtroom skills, expertise at appeals and the practical experience necessary to help bring satisfactory conclusions to a lawsuit. We recognize our clients concern regarding the potential expense of litigation and our attorneys consistently strive for efficiency.

Early in the litigation process we analyze alternatives and provide our clients with an assessment of the case in order to allow for informed decisions. Changes in strategy and estimated costs are evaluated at each step as the case progresses and discussed with the client in advance. In doing so, we also consider alternative ways to expedite resolution of disputes wherever possible. Throughout the process, we keep in close touch with our clients in order to update them and discuss developments as they occur.

If you or your business is considering or has been brought into litigation involving a contract, accident or real estate matter, please feel free to contact us to discuss possible solutions and a litigation strategy designed to bring you the best results. Please contact us online or call us at (914) 347-2300.

Anthony J. Maiocchi (Contract Disputes, Business & Corporate Matters); primary contact
Gary F. Miret ( Of Counsel, Criminal Defense)
Joseph M. Latino (Of Counsel, Appeals)

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