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The Law Office of Anthony J. Maiocchi has been working with numerous business entities since its inception and has in-depth expertise in helping managers and business owners in dealing with the unique issues that are faced by each particular business operation.

Based on the nature of the business, each issue, need and planning strategy tends to be somewhat unique. Our services to our business clients are customized to meet the needs of each particular business and can range from simple transactions such as formation of the business entity to complex legal issues including litigation. We specialize in small businesses but have also provided numerous services for large companies, including municipalities and financial institutions.

Obviously, issues which are faced by a particular business will vary, and can depend on the actual business entity, the size and staffing requirements of the operation, the industry in which the business operates, the skill sets and technology required to deliver results and the overall philosophy and goals under which the business operates. Our attorneys approach each issue from a strategic perspective, always keeping in mind not only the immediate desired outcome, but the long range effects on the continuity of the business. We provide services to our business clients at varying points in the life of the business and in numerous areas including:

  • Entity Formation, Organization and Structure: Mr. Maiocchi has extensive experience reviewing the client proposed business structure to determine the most appropriate form of legal entity. We then assist in the actual formation of the business entity, including all required filings. We further have assisted many clients in the creation of the business plan and strategy and analysis of financing needs and alternatives and how best to obtain the required financing.

  • Ongoing Business Operations: We often represent clients through the life a of business operation. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure the success and protection of the business-client. We thus assist in a variety of issues that can arise during the course of operations such as:

    1. Contract Negotiations
    2. Preparation of Commercial Documents
    3. Partnership Agreements,
    4. Shareholder-Partner Disputes
    5. Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Reorganizations
    6. Lease Agreements
    7. Employment Agreements
    8. Litigation Avoidance Strategies
    9. Business Litigation, Including Items Such as General Business Disputes, Copyright and Patent Infringement, Breach of Contract; Breach of Employee Non-Disclosure or Non-Compete
    10. Succession Planning and Business Dissolutions

If you need assistance with your business planning and legal requirements, please contact us online or call us at (914) 347-2300.


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